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Your carpet clean starting from 60 euro euro euro

Carlow's Stainspray includes a natural alcohol and it can be applied without risk to the majority of stains. Carlow's Stainspray is a economical and environmentally friendly product thanks to its mild composition. Most striking  is the large capacity (1 LITER) and its low price).

The more you order, the higher the discount. Carlow's Stainspray is truly a product that stands with head and shoulders above the rest (Format, content, performance, price). Carlow's stainSpray can be safely applied to a wide variety of stains. Carlow's Stainspray is a powerful cleanser, based on natural alcohol, specifically developed for treating stains on carpets, curtains, upholstery and clothing.

Carlow’s stainspray also works great, for example, to refresh your car interior and can also be used to make your car Windows clear and streak-free.

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